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Young people are a dynamic force for good. We’re more than a century into service, and committed as ever to sustaining our impact over the next 100 years. That’s why we devote ourselves to serving youth as beneficiaries, youth as partners, and empowering youth as service leaders.

Barrington Lions Club Scholarship


The Barrington Lions Club is a volunteer service organization that focuses on improving individual health and wellbeing, strengthening communities, and supporting those in need through humanitarian service.   The Barrington Lions Club Scholarship recognizes and awards a graduating senior of Barrington (RI) High School, who will be enrolling in post-secondary education/training, based on their demonstrated passion for and commitment to community service.  Community volunteer service is the primary criteria.  Academic performance and school engagement are considered. 

Application is due by Monday, April 22, 2024

Peace Poster Contest

The Peace Poster Contest is an annual art contest for young people ages 11 -13.  Each year, a new art theme is presented and contest entrants create a poster that best exprsses their interpretation of that theme.  The Barrington Lions Club partners with the Barrington Middle School art department.

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