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Peace Through Service

Art Prompts

  • What do you think Peace through Service means?

  • How can someone (either you or someone you know) help to create peace through their service and/or actions?

  • How could you illustrate/demonstrate this thought in your artwork? Remember you can’t use any words/text.

  • How could your use of color help to convey your message to the viewer?

  • Where to start....?

  • Maybe you have a lot of ideas and can’t decide which to draw. That’s a good thing!

  • Make a bunch of small quick sketches, (these are called thumbnail sketches or rough drafts) to help you decide and then pick your favorite. 

  • Still can’t decide? Ask other people for their thoughts to help you in choosing your final design. 

  • Decide what art media you would like to use:  markers, crayons, pastels, pen & ink, chalk, painting,etc.

  • And then start creating!

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